Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how F.E.S. (EX) Limited (F.E.S.) may hold and process your personal data during the course of its activities as an Electrical Contracting business.

F.E.S. is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and has taken steps to be compliant with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 {PECR) and the General Data Protection Regulation {GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018 and is designed to ensure personal data is processed lawfully, fairly, transparently and for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes.

F.E.S. keeps its Privacy Policy under review and will place any updates on this web page.


Collection of data

During the course of its work, F.E.S. may collect personal data which identifies, or can be used to identify individuals.

This personal data may include information such as name, age, home address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, organisation name, job title, business address and CV’s.

Personal data may be collected by a variety of means, including face to face, by telephone, mail, fax, internet and e-mail, at events, conferences and exhibitions and via third parties where you have consented to them sharing it. We may obtain and store information that is available publicly from third party sources such as from Companies House and information that has been published in the media and online.


Use of data

Your personal data is held and processed by the F.E.S. in accordance with legal bases set out in data protection law, specifically contract, legitimate interest and consent, and as explained in this Privacy Policy.


Storage of data

F.E.S. shall only keep your personal data for as long as it needs to in order to use it as described above in and/or for as long as we have your permission to keep it. If personal data is being viewed on a computer screen, the computer has an automatic locking system if left unattended


Customers of F.E.S. (EX) Limited

If you are a customer of F.E.S. (EX) Limited or make an enquiry regarding the company’s services, your data may be lawfully processed by the F.E.S. on the basis of contract.

You may receive communications relating to the fulfilment of those products and services.

Where you are a previous customer, F.E.S has a legitimate interest in keeping you informed, in a proportionate way, about similar products or services – unless or until you have opted out by emailing or calling 01472 598987.


Employees of F.E.S.

If you are a previous, current or prospective employee of F.E.S. it may lawfully process your personal data on the basis of contract and legal requirements.

F.E.S. will keep and use the data to manage the relationship with you effectively, lawfully and appropriately, during the recruitment process, while you are working for us, at the time when your employment ends and after you have left. Much of the information F.E.S. holds will have been provided by you, but some may come from other internal sources, such as your manager, or in some cases external sources, such as referees.

Where necessary, F.E.S. may keep information relating to your health, which could include reasons for absence. This information is used in order to comply with our health and safety obligations and to administer and manage F.E.S and statutory sick pay, maternity pay, etc.

F.E.S. will only disclose information about you to third parties if we are required by law to do so by law, if it is necessary for you to be able to do your work or in order to comply with our contractual duties to you, for instance we may need to pass on certain information to our pension provider (see ‘Data sharing’ below).

F.E.S. may also store information provided by people who express an interest in working for us, whether via a formal application or expressed informally.


Contractors of F.E.S.

F.E.S. will retain and process personal data relating to contacts at third party companies contracted to support its activities, as made necessary by contracts agreed. This includes, but is not limited to, technical consultants, Electrical wholesale suppliers, labour only subcontractors etc…


Marketing communications

F.E.S is keen to keep its customers and others with an interest informed of the latest news and developments at F.E.S. Our marketing communications are intended to be relevant, proportionate, balanced and have a minimal privacy impact.

F.E.S will only use your personal data to send marketing communications if there is a legitimate interest.


Users of F.E.S. website

The F.E.S. website is owned by F.E.S. (EX) Limited ( and is operated on behalf of F.E.S. by E-Tech Solutions Limited, a limited company registered in England under company number 0340968, whose registered address and main trading address is 64 King Edward Street, Grimsby.

Neither F.E.S. nor any of its website hosts make use of your IP address, or other session information that is automatically captured by the web server, for any purpose other than system administration and to provide statistics that are used to evaluate the use of the Sites.


Data sharing

F.E.S. will at all times be the owner of the personal data they hold. Your data will never be sold to third parties and, F.E.S. has taken steps to ensure that personal data remains in a secure environment.

F.E.S. will only share it with third parties in the case of trusted ‘data processors’, ‘joint data controllers’ or ‘data controllers in common’ with whom we have contracts in place to ensure onward data protection, or where we are required by law to do so.


Data processors used by the F.E.S.

Personal data held by F.E.S. may be processed by trusted third party data processors where we have an appropriate contract in place to ensure onward data protection in line with data protection law. Where data processors are headquartered outside the EU, additional protections have been ensured.

Main data processors are listed below.

  • Mailchimp {The Rocket Science Group, Atlanta) is contracted to manage the delivery of email communications. Mail Chimp is certified under the EU-US ‘Privacy Shield’ and has in addition provided a ‘Data Processing Addendum’ obligating compliance with European data protection law.


Data retention

Data is retained by the F.E.S. only for as long as it has legitimate reason to do so. Where your information is no longer required, it is disposed of permanently and in a secure manner.

  • Customer data is retained for 6 years plus the current year after purchase, in line with HM Revenue and Customs requirements
  • Employee data will be retained for as long as the employment contract is in place or 3 years beyond the end of the tax year in which employment terminated, in line with PAYE requirements.
    Details of unsuccessful job applicants will be retained for 1 year after the start date of the unsuccessful applicant, in line with legal requirements
  • Data relating to contractors to F.E.S. will be retained for the duration of the contracted work and 6 years plus the current year beyond, in line with HM Revenue and Customs requirements
  • Data relating to a candidate such as a CV will be kept for a period of up to 1 year and after that period shall be permanently destroyed
  • Marketing contacts that have no other relationship with the F.E.S. will be retained on our database only if they have given consent within 3 months of being asked, otherwise they will be deleted

F.E.S. will respond when requested to any data access request in line with data protection law.

F.E.S. will also, if asked, respect the right of individual to ask to be forgotten entirely in so far as it does not undermine legal requirements.

If you believe that any information F.E.S. are holding on you is incorrect or incomplete, please inform them as soon as possible and they will correct any information found to be incorrect.


Contact details

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about how F.E.S. handles personal data, or in relation to your personal data held by F.E.S. please contact:

F.E.S. (EX) Limited, 20 Wilton Road, Grimsby, DN36 4AW

If you wish to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office visit: