Asset Management – ExTrace™

Through our uniquely designed live inspection & management system, we give you the peace of mind that your plant & your equipment always retains the highest levels of compliance & integrity.

Adhering to robust global requirements, ExTrace™ delivers a range of functionalities that maximise efficiency & ensures the optimal management of your physical assets.

We work closely with you to integrate our unique system helping to set up a cloud-based server, integrated to your own server, which links ZONE1/21 ATEX Certified hand-held tablets & ID technology depending on the needs of your business.

Benefits of our ExTrace™ system include:

  • Barcode & RFID registration / recognition for individual items of equipment
  • An updated inspection schedule database to the most recent and relevant standards
  • Smart inspection software, allowing only relevant schedule questions to be raised based on inspection grade, equipment type & location
  • Prioritises non-conformances for remedial action
  • Images and certificates can be attached to inspection reports
  • Automatic equipment inspection & testing record updates
  • Simple overview & analysis of inspection results including filter options such as inspector, site, area, equipment type & inspection grade, asset number, protection concept etc…
  • Full synchronisation for import, export & back-up between main database on pc / laptop & asset registration, inspection & testing program on ATEX certified tablets
  • BESPOKE Database reflecting YOUR site(s); Multiple site / location / area/ Vessel/ Level/ Grid Reference
  • Data inputting can be conducted live within Zone 1/21 & Div 1 REDUCING TIME and SAVING COST
  • Support & IT back-up from the program developers.

Our unique system has been developed by E&I personnel with the full understanding of everything that is required including how to be fully compliant. It uses the latest technology whilst also eliminating the shortfalls of other systems.

Harnessing the android mobile operating system in harmony with a SQL database, ExTrace™ is not only user-friendly it can also readily interface with existing systems such as SAP & MAXIMO by utilising programs such as PDF, MS Word, MS Excel etc.

Equipment registers & inspection databases can be easily uploaded & downloaded from the Main ExTrace™ Database to ATEX Certified Tab-Ex ® 01 tablets. This allows the operator to input all relevant data whilst on-site, REDUCING TIME and SAVING COST whilst conducting equipment reviews & updates.