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A highly configurable inspection solution in hazardous areasextrace


F.E.S. (EX) Ltd has joined forces with data capture consultants Tacit Systems to develop and market ExTrace, a unique inspection and management system that meets the DSEAR legislative requirements and utilises hand held terminals and Auto ID technology.



Fundamental to the system is a suite of inspection procedures together with a comprehensive asset management database. By using Ex certified hand held computers to record the inspection data, it is only necessary to enter the data once – at point of inspection. Using a unique identifier, the equipment item is automatically identified and its details displayed on the boxes_graphscreen of the hand held computer. 



The grade of inspection is chosen and then only questions relevant to that grade and protection method appear on screen. Non conforming responses to a question trigger additional questions relating to the non conformance and corrective action required.



Once the inspector has completed his checks, or sooner if required, the data is uploaded to the main system. At this point asset details and inspection information is immediately available for reporting.  Non conformance and corrective action reports are generated.



Your data can be interrogated within the system or can be exported back to office/ERP systems or other applications such as Microsoft Excel for further manipulation or investigation.




Developed by E & I personnel for E & I personnel



The ExTrace solution has been developed by E & I personnel for E & I personnel using the Tacit System’s configurable data capture system. This means that it is not just used as an ATEX solution but can be developed to provide a solution for the capture of a variety of site data.



The same validation systems can be configured for a variety of plant equipment checks and “out of spec” results reported in a similar way. It is a totally configurable system that is designed to collect the data in your existing checks, store and report on the information gathered without the necessity of re-keying. We believe ExTrace offers a solution using the latest technology whilst eliminating the shortfalls of other systems.



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